Test bench for windows/doors

Müller-BBM maintains a test bench for windows and doors for the following measured values, among others:

  • Sound insulation measure R
  • Normalised sound level difference Dn, e

Examples of products (selection):

  • Window elements
  • Door elements
  • Glazing
  • Facade panels
  • Structural elements for vehicle construction
  • Sections of structural elements for product development

Test benches for windows and doors are composed of two adjoining rooms with a common inspection window of standard size in a highly sound absorbent partition wall. The rooms of the doors/windows test bench are reverberation rooms with specifications for test opening, geometry, diffusivity, and reverberation time according to ISO 101405.
Müller-BBM has a standardised test bench for windows with a test opening of approx. 1.9 m² (1.25 m x 1.50 m) and one for doors with a test opening of approx. 3.1 m² (1.25 m x 2.50 m).

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