Research on traffic noise protection

Traffic Noise Research

Müller-BBM has been closely involved in national and international research activities on tire-road noise for almost 20 years. The basis for the calculation model SPERoN (Statistical and Physical Explanation of Rolling Noise), with which the roll-past levels of vehicles can be projected on a variety of road surfaces, was developed in the research project "Einfluss der Fahrbahntextur auf das Reifen-Fahrbahn-Geräusch” (The influence of surface texture on tire-road noise) by the BMVBS (1996 to 2000). This computational model is constantly evolving, recently since 2010 in the "Quiet traffic 3" (Leiser Straßenverkehr 3) project of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

Müller-BBM is closely involved in developing noise-reducing road surfaces that can reduce tire-road noise within the framework of current research activities. Since 2001, we have been and are currently involved in various projects of the "Quiet Traffic" (Leiser Straßenverkehr) research net-work in Germany, and “Innovatieprogramme Geluid – IPG” (2006 to 2008) in the Netherlands, as well as the EU projects ITARI (6th EU Framework Programme, from 2003 to 2007) and HOSANNA (7th EU framework program, since 2009). We are currently working on two projects for "Silent concrete pavement" (Leise Betonfahrbahn) for the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), in the framework of the Federal Innovation Program for Roads (Nationalen Innovationsprogramms Straße) with the focus being on "Quiet innovative pavement, in concrete and synthetics" (Leise innovative Fahrbahndecke aus Beton und auf Kunststoffbasis).

In these and other projects we carry out the (further) development of suitable measurement methods with which the relevant acoustic properties may be roadway measured and assessed.

Müller-BBM offers comprehensive consulting services in noise-reducing road surfaces. Take ad-vantage of our know-how!

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