Vehicle acoustics test room

The noises of vehicle equipment, such as air conditioning, the fans of electric units or steering sounds of modern vehicles are increasingly critical from an acoustic perspective. Consequently, the acoustic requirements of these components are becoming more demanding.

In our semi-anechoic room, we can carry out experimental tests of noise generation and transmission in the vehicle interior for you. Internal combustion engines can also be operated and tested in the room, which has exhaust gas extraction and active ventilation.

Use of the acoustic chamber is not limited to automotive acoustics. We are also happy to test the acoustic performance of their equipment, or carry out sound source analyses or structural dynamic tests for you.


  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 7 m x 8 m x 3 m (W x D x H)
  • Ventilation/Exhaust: up to 7500 m³/h
  • Background noise: < 20 dB(A)

Areas of application

  • Noise and vibration measurements on vehicles or larger equipment sets with and without operation of internal combustion engines
  • Detailed analyses of the entire vehicle, the components and electrical assemblies
  • Structural dynamics measurements and modal analysis
  • Intensity measurements and determination of sound power

Measurement and analysis method

  • Multi-channel measurement and analysis system PAK
  • Operational and classic transfer path analysis (OTPA, TPA), panel contribution analysis (PCA), operational vibration analysis (OVA), sound source localization (acoustic camera), torsional vibration analysis
  • Intensity measurement technology
  • Modal analysis software ME'scope
  • Sound design and dummy head metrology

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