Support for shaping your structural and procedural organisation in an efficient and legally compliant manner

Legally compliant business organisation

Executives and company managers are responsible for observing employer and operator duties within the company and at production locations, e.g. as specified in § 52 b of the German Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchG). For this purpose, it is important to continually delegate responsibility, tasks, and power, and to structure processes in such a way that they are accepted and practised by the employees, and shouldered by them as well. This is the only possible way for a legally compliant business organisation, once established, to be sustained.
Responsible management therefore requires a legally compliant business organisation that takes account of all legal requirements in the respective markets. We provide you with support during the set-up of a legally compliant organisational and procedural structure premised on our experience and our expertise in the technical sphere along with the associated organisational modifications and procedural adjustments.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Dalder is a registered expert according to § 29b in the field of “operating organization and safety management” (specialized on questions concerning organization and management).

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