In the rail sector, today we find increasingly dense power spectra of drive engines, usually along with a significantly increasing (dynamic) load of (engine) components.

Still there are complex structures with a great deal of manually performed steps. Therefore, a final evaluation of the mechanical load based on numerical simulations cannot yet be given. Only the comparison of numerical analyses with experimental ones can result in reliable computational models.

Müller-BBM provides support for calculation departments by investigating components using experimental modal analysis features (ME’scope). The so-gathered results can then be compared to existing FE-calculations (FEMtools).

This can be accompanied by multi-channel strain-gauge/vibration measurements for the determination of the dynamic load actually occuring during operation. The Müller‑BBM telemetry system allows measurements at rotating structures (e.g. rotors of electric motors). Using these tools an optimized calculation model can be provided for further analyses.

Vehicle dynamics at Müller-BBM

Müller-BBM is at your side: for numerical simulations and a variety of highly developed measuring procedures and state-of-the-art measuring technique:

  • Numerical calculations of e.g. engine components using FE (finite elements)
  • Multi-channel measurements with strain gauges, accelerometers, laser Doppler vibrometers, position sensors
  • Experimental Modal Analysis (ME’scope)
  • Model updating (FEMtools)
  • Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS)
  • Operational Transfer Path Analysis (OTPA)

In our independent accredited testing laboratory we determine a whole variety of material parameters such as e.g. the dynamic stiffness or the damping properties of resilient elements.

As our experts are excellent networkers you can have direct access to the cumulative competence and experience of Müller-BBM and Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme just by contacting your project responsible. He or she will be happy to establish contact with experts of other business fields at Müller-BBM.

We regularly offer seminars on modal analysis and model updating for continued professional training of your staff.  

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