Support for shaping your structural and procedural organisation in an efficient and legally compliant manner

Our knowledge for your success

We would like to support you with our expertise in your capacity as executive, managing director or member of the managerial staff during the course of organisational changes. It is also our aim to support the related process adaptations for shaping your structural and procedural organisation in an efficient and legally compliant manner. We offer you the following services based on our experts' many years of experience:

  • Risk analysis and design of a legally compliant organisation
  • Operational transformation of a legally compliant organisation
  • Managing and documenting corporate responsibilities

Analyses and concepts for implementation

The elementary prerequisite for building up a practical and legally compliant corporate organisation that takes account of organisational liability and operator responsibility is the correct evaluation of the organisation's current situation by management and supervisory staff. Analyses show that organisational shortcomings are often not based on an inappropriate organisational form, but on a lack of acceptance by staff, who, as a result, are insufficiently aware of their duties and responsibilities.

Our experts will support you in the following:

  • Organisational analyses, especially in safety-related operational areas (e.g. Hazardous Incident Ordinance, G 1000 / W 1000 / S 1000 / FW 1000 pursuant to DVGW1, VDE2, and AGFW3 regulations, implementation of the Industrial Safety Ordinance, outsourcing to subcontractors),
  • Organisational analyses relative to a legally compliant corporate organisation from the point of view of the operator or maintenance personnel (environmental protection, occupational safety and operational/plant safety),
  • Presentation of results of the Delta Analysis in the form of a catalogue of measures for organisational optimisation and the rectification of detected weaknesses,
  • Development of an implementation concept.

¹ German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water

² Federation of electro-technology electronics information technology

³ District heating association

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