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Emission and Air Quality forecasts

Emission and Air Quality forecasts are always needed when measurement of air quality or noises and vibrations are not possible, such as, for instance, in the event of planning of a new power plant or in urban land use and regional development planning processes.

A typical application is the evaluation of project planning, in particular in the event of plants that are subject to immission control requirements for licensing pursuant to the Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchG) and § 4. of the Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchV) as well as infrastructure projects in the traffic sector (e.g. roads, airports and shipping traffic). Depending on the precise task to be performed, the additional pollution that results from the emissions are determined and evaluated, taking into account any existing pollution, where applicable. In the process, air pollutants, odours, noises, vibrations, light emissions, and electromagnetic fields can be examined as components.

Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH provides you with comprehensive services for the creation, execution, and analysis of emission forecasts, as well as handling formalities with the authorities and public procedures.

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