On-site seminar

Customized seminars and workshops on acoustics, industrial acoustics and noise control

Müller-BBM’s Industry Solutions GmbH experts with many years of experience explain and teach engineers, technicians and HSE responsibles what´they need to know about acoustics, industrial acoustics and noise control to make competitive proposals or run industrial plants safely and legally compliant. From a general overview to product- or application-specific contents – let us work out the tailor-made seminar or workshop for you that best fits your businesses‘ specific needs.

Basic courses

Basic courses cover the fundamentals of acoustics and noise control and provide a thorough understanding of the most important aspects.

Fundamentals of acoustics

  • Sound and noise
  • Field quantities of the sound field
  • Airborne and structure-borne sound
  • Sound perception and hearing
  • Quantities, units and arithmetics

Industrial acoustics

  • Sound generation and radiation
  • Source types
  • Sound propagation in the free field and in rooms
  • Acoustic modelling
  • Measurement methods

Noise control

  • Principles
  • Noise control measures (primary, secondary, examples)
  • Procedures and tools
  • Noise control concepts and specifications
  • Special solutions (blow-off and flue gas silencers, enclosures,boiler houses)

Practical part / demonstrations

  • Examples and case studies
  • Demonstrations
  • Exercises

Supplementary courses

Supplementary courses addressing topics and aspects that are specific to your business can be worked out by us according to your wishes. They complement the basic courses to make the seminar exactly fit your needs.


  • Power production, energy distribution
  • Chemistry, petrochemistry and refining
  • Iron, steel and aluminium industry
  • Wood and pulp
  • Paper industry
  • Glass production and processing
  • ...


  • Planning, bidding and design
  • Approval management
  • Specifications
  • Commissioning and acceptance testing
  • Noise at the workplace
  • ...

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