Support for shaping your structural and procedural organisation in an efficient and legally compliant manner

Analysing, managing and documenting responsibilities

The specific assignment to the company executives as well as the clear differentiation and presentation of the activities necessary for legally compliant operation, on the one hand, leads to more legal certainty and, on the other hand, saves time and money and reduces the risk of damage occuring to property, persons and/or the environment in advance.

A software solution for organisation and document management customized for the requirements of your company and providing the necessary transparency and important information at the press of a button.

Our experts support you with the selection and development of suitable software solutions such as for

• the management of requirements by the authorities,

• the legal monitoring (legal management),

• the delegation of duties, the inspection management,

or the representation of an electronic manual of operations. 

Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH does not offer its own software solution, as our experts are exclusively active in an advisory role!

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