Test facilities and laboratories

Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH has a number of test facilities for acoustic measurements and chemical analyses. The test laboratories for sound and vibration, air pollution, hazardous substance measurements, chemical analysis and electromagnetic compatibility as well as the calibration laboratory for mechanical parameters (acceleration, acoustic parameters) are all accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Specific products characteristics can be determined in the acoustic test facility. These characteristics include the sound power of a machine, the sound absorption coefficient of a false ceiling, the sound insulation of a wall or the insertion loss of a ducted silencer. Support during product development forms an important part of our range of services—along with the determination of product characteristics in the laboratory. Here, we put our many years of experience in consulting in the fields of industrial noise control, acoustics and technical building and room acoustics to work for you.

Product contents and contaminants are analysed in a variety of different media in the chemical laboratories. These include, for example, the study of asbestos in indoor air, heavy metals in fuels, flame-retardants in electronics, nitrosamines in cooling lubricants and dioxins in flue gas. Besides determining any possible pollutants, the primary aim of consultation is to solve your analytical problems. Our knowledge of the impressive number of test procedures and laws, allows us to offer customised solutions that are not restricted to the usual range of standardised tests series.

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