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Konzertsaal im Miniaturformat: Akustikmodell für das Sinfonia Varsovia Orchester in Warschau (05/06/2021)

Wie laut sind Kraftfahrzeuge auf deutschen Straßen? Sind die aktuellen Grenzwerte ausreichend und wirksam? (04/29/2021)

Müller-BBM GmbH donates event proceeds to UNICEF (04/22/2021)

Nitrogen dioxide measurements in Wuppertal (03/29/2021)

NEMO - a leap into the future of remote-sensing technologies online press conference on March 26 2021 (03/22/2021)

Per Live-Stream an den Arbeitsplatz - 14. Müller-BBM Fachgespräche in digitaler Ausführung (03/02/2021)

Was macht eigentlich ein Messingenieur bei der Müller-BBM GmbH? (01/13/2021)

New version of the TA Luft adopted by the Federal Cabinet – significant changes for the operation of industrial plants (01/11/2021)

Successful SHE examination for operational managers according to SCC standard (01/11/2021)

Ambient air measurements in the vicinity of natural gas production plants (11/25/2020)

Immission Control Conference 2021 for representatives of authorities, municipalities, plant operators and consultants in Munich (10/21/2020)

Evaluation of the effect of a speed limit of 30 km/h on noise and air pollutant immissions in Münster (09/28/2020)

Forschungsschiff ATAIR erhält "Silent-R class notation" (09/24/2020)

Remote re-certification of acoustic test tracks (04/28/2020)

Information from Müller-BBM GmbH on the handling of the corona pandemic (as at 03/2020) (03/30/2020)

Sydney Opera House: Start of the Concert Hall acoustic upgrade (03/17/2020)

Opportunities for environmental engineers at Müller-BBM GmbH (02/20/2020)

Intensivseminar „Schallschutz bei modernen Heizzentralen“ (02/06/2020)

BUA workshop on the 44th BImSchV in Leipzig on 9th March 2020 (02/05/2020)

Successful reaccreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and renewed notification as an expert body according to Article 29b of the German Federal Immission Control Act (01/27/2020)

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