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Fachtagung "Umweltaspekte bei Nahverkehrsbahnen" (05/12/2022)

Spende der Müller-BBM Holding AG an hilfsbedürftige Menschen in der Ukraine (05/10/2022)

Einladung zum Tag der offenen Tür am 12.05.2022 bei Müller-BBM in Planegg (05/06/2022)

How can the energy transition succeed? Discourse on the occasion of the Müller-BBM expert discussions in the field of tension of current developments (04/06/2022)

DAGA 2022 (03/14/2022)

Results of ambient air quality measurements in the vicinity of natural gas production facilities published (02/17/2022)

Studentenprogramm "Reinhören 2022" - jetzt bewerben! (02/10/2022)

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Safety at work in lifting platforms (01/10/2022)

Extension of the recognition as an expert organisation (SVO) for facilities handling substances hazardous to water in accordance with § 52 AwSV (12/17/2021)

Excellent acoustics in Florence’s new concert hall (12/16/2021)

Climate models to estimate impacts on urban climate and industrial sites (11/15/2021)

Climate impact assessment as well as innovations in the environmental sector through TA Luft and TA Lärm (10/26/2021)

Accredited workplace measurements for the processing of hot bitumen (10/21/2021)

12th Bavarian Immission Control Days on 10th/11th November 2021 in online format (10/13/2021)

Bachelor's degree completed with distinction (09/20/2021)

Besuchen Sie unseren Online-Stand zur DAGA 2021 (08/16/2021)

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Symposium on current developments in immission control –15th Müller-BBM expert discussions in Berlin on 6th/7th October (07/30/2021)

Certified occupational health and safety management system according to DIN ISO 45001 (07/22/2021)

Five new appointments as experts according to section 2 (33) of the Ordinance on Facilities for Handling Substances Hazardous to Water (AwSV) (07/14/2021)

TA Luft with stricter limits on pollutant emissions from industrial plants adopted (06/29/2021)

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