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Immission control topics and climate protection in urban land use planning and as a prerequisite for obtaining permits are the focal points of the 14th Bavarian Immission Control Days (05/17/2023)

Working group on VDI 3891 "Emission reduction – human cremation plants" visits Planegg (04/04/2023)

„Der Immissionsschutz ist ein historisch gewachsenes Gut, das nicht leichtfertig geopfert werden darf!“ (03/27/2023)

Tieffrequente Geräusche – Der Erfahrungsaustausch 2023 zu Messung, Prognose und Bewertung in Gelsenkirchen und Berlin (03/22/2023)

Validation measurements to determine the measurement uncertainty in odour emission measurements according to DIN EN 13725:2022 (02/08/2023)

Immission control conference addresses current challenges in air pollution control and noise control – 18th Müller-BBM expert talks on 15th/16th March 2023 in Munich (02/01/2023)

Workshop des Bundesverbandes der Messstellen für Umwelt- und Arbeitsschutz e.V. (BUA) am 15. März 2023 in Gelsenkirchen (01/31/2023)

Expansion of photovoltaic systems continues (01/11/2023)

Seminar „Lichtimmissionen“ am 16. Mai 2023 (11/30/2022)

Safety first (11/24/2022)

Strategy meeting of the management (11/16/2022)

Diffuse Dust Emissions – Comparison of Emission Calculation for Handling Operations according to VDI 3790 Part 3 with other Calculation Methods (11/02/2022)

13th Bavarian Immission Control Days – Climate Protection and Security of Supply as Main Topics (10/21/2022)

„Great selection of speakers with exciting topics and a good mix of theory and practice!“ Müller-BBM expert discussions in Berlin once again receive a lot of praise for the format. (10/19/2022)

MÜLLER-BBM AG completes 40% stake acquisition of (09/20/2022)

Change of company name from Müller-BBM GmbH to Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH and Spin-off of Müller-BBM Building Solutions GmbH (09/06/2022)

60 Jahre MÜLLER-BBM (09/06/2022)

General Administrative Regulation on Waste Treatment Plants (ABA-VwV) strike the parties involved largely unprepared (08/10/2022)

Immissionsschutztagung befasst sich mit dem Klimaschutz, Lärmkonflikten und der novellierten TA Luft – 17. Müller-BBM Fachgespräche am 5./6. Oktober 2022 in Berlin (07/25/2022)

Sydney Opera House: Acoustic upgrade for the Concert Hall (07/21/2022)

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