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'Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer' Parish Church in Poing granted the 'Große Nike 2019' and the BDA Bavaria Awards (06/25/2019)

Information day on the state of the art of noise control – first event at the new location of Müller-BBM’s subsidiary in Gelsenkirchen (06/06/2019)

DGNB Certification in Silver for Theresienhof in Munich (05/29/2019)

Safety training for drivers of CPX measuring vehicles for the monitoring of noise-reducing road surfaces (05/23/2019)

11th Bavarian Immission Control Days in Augsburg on 5th/6th June 2019 (05/09/2019)

Safety for employees and employers – DGUV compliant trainings according to BGR/GUV-R 198 and occupational health examinations for measuring engineers (04/30/2019)

"Construction law should comprise potential solutions for conflict situations which can be applied already in the planning phase" (04/04/2019)

Erschütterungsmonitoring bei Bauarbeiten – effektiver Schutz für Rechenzentren, Produktionen und Gebäude (03/28/2019)

Bavarian Timber Construction Award 2018 honors an impressive spatial effect and design – Müller-BBM was involved in the planning and execution (03/11/2019)

Minimizing ship noise in harbours – NEPTUNES final conference in Rotterdam (03/06/2019)

Immissionsschutztagung für Entscheider und Führungskräfte in München (02/28/2019)

Seminar „Transferpfad-Analysen im Akustik-Engineering“ (02/20/2019)

Workshop Reinhören 2019 (02/14/2019)

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Information day on the state-of-the-art of noise control in Gelsenkirchen on 9th May 2019 (02/07/2019)

Erfahrungsaustausch der Gefahrstoffmessstellen am 13. März 2019 in Marl (01/31/2019)

44th BImSchV – Ordinance on medium-sized combustion plants, gas turbine plants and combustion engines (01/23/2019)

Behind the James Simon Gallery Facade: Sophisticated Building Physics (01/17/2019)

Evaluation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from waste incineration plants (01/16/2019)

Implementation of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance: LAI guideline for the preparation of expert opinions on the determination of appropriate safety distances (01/07/2019)

Müller-BBM wünscht frohe Weihnachten (12/19/2018)

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