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Light as pollution

Under the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), light belongs to those emissions that cause undue inconvenience or be a nuisance to the general public or the neighbourhood.

Even daylight can be perceived as a nuisance under certain circumstances. Here the areas of conflict are, for example:

  • Glare effect from photovoltaic systems
  • Glare from reflective façades
  • Casting of shadow by wind turbines

Conflicts due to artificial lighting systems can occur, for instance, in the event of:

  • floodlights in sports complexes, at construction sites and industrial plants
  • neon signs
  • shop window lighting
  • building illumination
  • lighting of traffic areas

Our services

Measurement of light emissions

As an accredited test laboratory for tests in the area of light and lighting systems, we measure the photometric values of illuminance and luminance of existing facilities for you.

Forecasting for planned plants

We use forecast calculations to estimate the expected light emissions of planned facilities in the neighbourhood.¬ Here, different lighting scenarios can be simulated and taken into account.

Evaluation of light emissions

The following effects on the neighbourhood, among others, are examined for the evaluation of light emissions:
Illumination of living areas and
Bothersome glare from intense light sources.

Recommendations for planning

We prepare recommendations for conflict resolution concerning existing and planned plants.

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