Acoustic signature management

Structure-borne sound monitoring system

The acoustic partial signature is the most sensitive partial signature of submerged submarines, other than the dynamic pressure field and magnetics. Noises can be heard over long distances in water, thanks to its favourable propagation conditions. Boats can be detected, classified, and identified by the sonar devices of others.

Class U206A submarine

For real time monitoring of the acoustic signature of submarines, Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH has developed a monitoring system that continuously measures structure-borne sound of noise generators, monitors the acoustic signature on the outer shell of the boat, and compares it with operation-related references.

In addition, the noise emitted into the water by the structure-borne sound that was measured is determined using PCA1 , and is available for further propagation calculations.

Monitoring functions

Monitoring station: Data collection unit, operating unit and overview display

The user has other monitoring functions available to them, alongside the calculation of the water-borne sounds, including:

  • The continuous monitoring of the boat's structure-borne sound and comparison with status-dependent reference spectra
  • The forecasting of water-borne sound from structure-borne sound measurements
  • The detection of brief and sudden noises (transients)

Analysis functions

Further analysis functions are available to the user.

  • The presentation of one third octave spectra and narrow-band spectra for in-situ analysis.
  • Audio monitoring for the subjective assessment of acoustic status.
  • The recording of measurement data for ongoing analysis.


  • Design, project planning, and coordination.
  • Customised adaptation of hardware and software.
  • Consultation and accompaniment during installation.
  • Implementation of calibration measurements, staff orientation, and training.

¹ PCA, Principal Components Analysis

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