Energy management systems systematically increase energy efficiency

Climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and especially the search for potential cost savings are topics that the public are enquiring about in sustainability reports. Companies are faced with the task of significantly increasing their energy efficiency, and energy management systems are able to help them systematically uncover reduction potentials.

The regulatory requirements for energy efficiency and climate protection in companies are clearly defined: In the future, greenhouse gas emissions must be limited in accordance with the European caps, while the use of renewable energy and the energy efficiency of industrial activities must be increased. This demands more than ever that operational and strategic energy saving potentials be uncovered and energy efficiency be improved through targeted measures.

An energy management system based on existing rules, and supplemented by system-related aspects helps you to systematically incorporate energy consumption analyses in operational processes and competently assess potential savings based on ecological and economic criteria.

Müller-BBM has followed the legal and technical development of energy management from the very beginning and started implementing it in everyday operations very early on. Our experts provide comprehensive energy management systems consulting, taking into consideration vulnerability analyses and substantive requirements  for establishing and implementing an energy Managementsystem. We support you during the initial review in preparation for implementation, and help with the internal energy audit / energy efficiency audit (DIN EN 16247-1) taking into account the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001 and the Energy Services Act (EDL-G).

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