Measurement and analysis of hazardous substances and room climate in order to ascertain the actual state of the indoor air

Improving indoor and work climate

If office staff complain about a feeling of malaise or bad odours, then the indoor air should be investigated. Pollutants are not always the cause of complaints. However, pollutants that cannot be detected by the sense of smell can be present.

The cause could be new interior fittings that used adhesives that are still emitting solvents. However, the cause could also be contaminated sites, i.e. substances no longer used nowadays, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), wood preservatives containing harmful substances or asbestos. Similarly, unfavourable indoor climate conditions can cause or aggravate complaints.

In order to ascertain the actual state of the indoor air, we measure pollutants and the indoor climate. Our consultation starts with selecting the parameters for investigation. Offices for example have benchmarks that are different from manufacturing areas. For this reason, different measurement methods and assessment criteria need to be applied and specific standards taken into consideration.

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