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Notifications, disclosures, approvals and registrations in the mandatory area

Müller-BBM GmbH is a notified body in Germany according to § 29b of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) in combination with the Ordinance on Notification (41. BImSchV). The notification comprises the determination of emissions and immissions of air pollutants, noise and vibration, the verification of the proper installation, functioning and calibration of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) as well as the verification of combustion conditions. Detailed information on the notification (substances, scope) according to the classification of the 41. BImSchV has been made available under the Recherchesystem Messstellen und Sachverständige (Research System on Measuring Bodies and Authorised Experts). 

Müller-BBM GmbH as a testing laboratory is authorized to render the services of an independent provider for assessing and examining performance reliability in accordance with the EU regulation no. 305/2011 (Construction Products Regulation). The scope of the notification is defined in the DIBt notification (German Institute for Civil Engineering) as well as in the corresponding appendix. The identification number in the European Commission’s NANDO database is NB 2502.

Müller-BBM GmbH is member of the Swiss "Luftunion". The stated qualification to perform the respective measurements is audited by the Swiss KVU (Conference of the Heads of the Environmental Protection Agencies). Detailed information on our fields of activity (categories 1 to 8) in Switzerland are published on the "Luftunion" website: Qualifizierte Messfirmen (


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