Test stands and test methods

Test bench for dynamic stiffness: In order to estimate the effectiveness of elastic spring elements, parameters such as the dynamic stiffness or attenuation are determined on our test bench for dynamic stiffness. Here we determine the stiffness of mountings of various sizes as well as of other components such as sealings or compensators.

Test facilities for determining the sound reduction index of building components (walls, ceilings, windows, doors, etc.), anechoic half-room, test room for machine acoustics, reverberation room and reverberation cabin for measuring the sound power level as well as the absorption properties of materials, pipe test stand, flow-acoustic silencer test stand, etc.

For tests at the customer's site, we are accredited for various test procedures that can also be used for tests in the marine sector, e.g. for requirements from MSC 337(91):

These comprise the in-situ determination of the sound insulation of walls and doors and the bending wave attenuation of structures.

For more details, see also measurement tasks/acoustic acceptance tests.

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