Air pollution control – Forecast of emissions and air quality dispersion modelling as well as participation in the elaboration of Clean Air Programmes and/or noise action plans

Noise and vibration protection

Noise protection measures

The Protection of local residents against traffic noise emissions should begin as early as possible. Active sound protection measures at the noise source are most effective and, in general, more cost-efficient than passive sound protection measures. The use of noise-reducing road surfaces has increased in recent years. Alternatively, speed limits or driving bans are also being discussed as noise protection measures – especially in urban areas. Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH forecasts the effects of such measures for you. We will advise you during the selection of the optimal solution to your problem. In collaboration with our specialist department for air pollutants, we provide you with a comprehensive look at the impact of such measures on the environment.

Furthermore, we dimension conventional shielding devices such as noise protection barriers or walls for you, so that not only the dwellings, but also the open areas are protected against traffic noise emissions. We can also calculate the required exterior noise insulation for you, e.g. according to DIN 4109 and VDI Guideline 2719. If desired, we will suggest appropriate building designs in collaboration with our colleagues in the building sector.

Noise-reducing road surfaces

Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH is a leader in the field of consulting services for low noise road surfaces. The consulting should start as early as possible, preferably when RFQ documents are being prepared, to allow for solutions that are economically and technically adapted to the situation. We provide numerous services for your construction project from consultation during the planning phase up to support by a technical expert during the construction phase and for the measurement and testing of acoustic properties of road surfaces. These services can be performed in the laboratory and on site.

Measurement of road surface properties

We offer procedures to clients or roadway construction contractors that provide certainty in terms of the acoustic performance that can be expected and realised during the designing, testing, installing, and operating of noise-reducing road surfaces and noise protection barriers. This is a competitive advantage for construction firms or construction testing laboratories. Public authorities are thus able to secure their investments in the road infrastructure.

We carry out the following measurements, in particular:

Vibration protection

We provide various solutions for the protection of residents against vibrations from rail traffic—from defining minimum distances between the dwelling areas and the railroad tracks up to specifying a structurally dynamic adapted design of relevant components. We dimension technical measures such as elastic building foundations or vibration protection measures adapted to the given situation.

Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH possesses a wealth of experience in the area of vibration protection of above and underground tracks. This enables us to develop appropriate solutions for all of your issues.

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