Silencer test bench

Laboratory measurements of silencers in ducts can be carried out in Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH's silencer test bench in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7235.
The following values can be determined under constant boundary conditions with the substitution method, i.e. with/without silencers:

  • Insertion loss
  • Flow noise
  • Total pressure loss

A reverberation room is connected to the outlet side of the test surface as a reception area, as recommended for exhaust test benches in accordance with the above standard.

The ducts of the test configuration in the basic structure are laid out in DN400. Other diameters and square cross-sections are fitted to the silencer housing with the appropriate adapter.

A representative duct section or partial silencer housing for large dimensions can be constructed and tested according to DIN ISO 7235. The result of the investigations can then be mathematically extrapolated to the actual dimensions. This also proves to have cost advantages.

Based on selected parameters, intermediate sizes can be mathematically interpolated or extrapolated without additional measurements after there has been a suitable, graduated test series on various silencer measurements.

The tasks can be customised to the clients, ranging from studies of individual prototypes to metrological assessment of a wide range of silencers. The insertion loss of air diffusers can be determined with the silencer test.

Silencer test - DIN EN ISO 7235 - Acoustics - Laboratory measurement procedures for ducted silencers - Insertion loss, flow noise and total pressure loss

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