Experimental modal analysis with ME’scopeVES

ME’scopeVES (Visual Engineering Series) is a series of software packages for modal analysis featuring the visualisation and animation of vibrations with geometric models. A range of tools – optionally available – offer various possibilities for analyses. The well-arranged user interface is convincing by its uncomplicated handling.

ME’scopeVES excels in the following features:

  • quick production of geometric models while using simple tools 
  • creating geometrics from imported FE data or CAD data or even from acquired photographs 
  • fast linking to the geometric model 
  • animation of measured data in time domains or frequency ranges 
  • directly editable data 
  • a wide range of editing possibilities and sorting functions 
  • interactive animation

The modal analysis package comprises:

  • the determination of eigenfrequencies, damping rates and natural oscillation forms based on measured data 
  • established and successful methods for identifying modes, such as “Ortho-Polynomial” and “Complex-Exponential” 
  • advanced methods (e.g. stability diagrams) 
  • SIMO and MIMO analyses 
  • an extensive number of data interfaces to measuring systems, FEM, CAD, MATLAB etc.

The model visualisation of a structure’s vibrational behaviour can convey a very expressive presentation of measured data – much more than any sheer graphical presentation could. Thus, you directly benefit when it comes to solving structural-dynamic problems in optimisation, quality assurance and trouble-shooting.

The software line optionally features additional comprehensive analysis tools for data processing. Here, a wide range of data interfaces to measuring systems is offered. Impacts of structural elements – such as masses or springs – can be checked in advance by simply adding them virtually to the model.

For the acquisition of experimental data for modal analysis the software package comprises an acquisition module supporting measurements with front ends of various hardware manufacturers (see http://vibetech.com/mescopeves-acquisition/). To boot, there are numerous interfaces enabling the import of data from other measuring systems. ME’scopeVES can be configured both as 64-bit version and 32-bit version under Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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