Industrial plants

Flow-induced vibrations or vibrations generated by compressors are a characteristic of industrial plants.  Examples include vibrations in the duct system due to pressure pulsations caused by piston compressors. Today, vibrations are not only related to the now normal higher flow velocities in duct systems, but also to the fact that the material-efficient dimensioning of duct systems is above all following static aspects. Consequently, there is a variety of multifaceted reasons for potential vibration problems.

Vibrations can cause damage in duct systems that lead to a shutdown of the plant, thus reducing its availability and impairing plant safety.

Support in technical design in all problems concerning vibrations

We provide assistance wherever you need it: from numerical simulations to a variety of highly developed measuring procedures and up-to-date measurement technique.

  • Numerical calculations using FE (Finite Elemente) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Multi-channel measurements with strain gauges, accelerometers, laser Doppler vibrometers, position sensors
  • Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) and Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS)
  • Model updating
  • Operational Transfer Path Analysis (OTPA)
  • Assessment of fatigue and the remaining service life
  • Excitation of large structures through our artificial sources IMPACT and DYNAQ

In our independent accredited testing laboratory we determine a whole variety of material parameters such as e.g. the dynamic stiffness or the damping properties of resilient elements.

We are committed to provide effective support for the design of your plants in the best possible way or to solve your problems with vibrations. All work steps are therefore carried out by Müller‑BBM employees who have a broad know-how. It is certainly an advantage that we will not leave you alone with the recorded measurement data – rather, we will be at your side when it comes to analyzing the measurements and to developing measures and their validation. By being continuously engaged in different projects our team makes sure that we gain ever more detailed knowledge in all fields of structural dynamics.

As our experts are excellent networkers you can have direct access to the cumulative competence and experience of Müller-BBM just by contacting your project responsible. He or she will be happy to establish contact with experts of other business fields at Müller-BBM.

We regularly offer seminars on modal analysis and model updating for continued professional training of your staff.

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