Mirco Ebersold

Sound insulation for modern central heating systems

BHKW Conference Intensive Seminar

Date: 21.05.2019
Location: Hamburg

Henning Beuck

Validation of emission approaches for diffuse dust emissions according to VDI 3790 using immission measurements

Diffuse emissions 2019

Date: 14./15.05.2019
Location: Düsseldorf

Walter Grotz

Odour emissions and immissions in the paper industry - legal framework and current findings

2nd PMV Conference "Paper and Environment

Date: 9./10.04.2019
Location: Darmstadt

Martina Freytag

The current version of DIN 4109 - New quality requirements for the sound insulation of external components

MBBM Expert Discussions on Immission Control in Planning and Approval Practice

Date: 27./28.03.2019
Location: Munich

Andreas Gömmel

Installation of machining centres in existing buildings, aspects of building dynamics

4th VDI Conference on "Vibrations in Machine Tools"

Date: 26./27.03.2019
Location: Stuttgart

Dr. Andreas Meier

Key parameter for building service equipment in building construction

DAGA 2019

Date: 19. - 21.03.2019
Location: Rostock

Dr. Andreas Meier

Protection against external noise in timber constructions - Design principles for practical use

10th HolzBauSpezial Building Physics & Building Services Engineering

Date: 12.03.2019
Location: Bad Wörishofen

Dr. Andreas Meier

Noise protection against external noise for timber construction - Planning principles for practical use

Forum Holzbau, 5th Building Physics & Building Engineering Conference (BGT 2019)

Date: 12./13.03.2019
Location: Bad-Wörishofen

Martin Heirich

Emission monitoring and immission reduction

Company Representative for Immission Control - Immission Control Officer

Date: 25. - 28.02.2019
Location: Offenbach

Oliver Bornträger

Explosion control in incineration plants

16th Potsdam Symposium on the optimization of thermal waste and residual materials treatment

Date: 21./22.02.2019
Location: Potsdam

Beate Altreuther

Measurement technology of tyre road noise

Research Colloquium Concrete Road Construction 2019

Date: 13. - 15.02.2019
Location: Stuttgart

Boris Zimmermann

Odour reduction by UV-oxidation – findings from various application domains (wastewater management, food industrie and others)

Determination and evaluation of odours - LANUV North Rhine-Westphalia

Date: 05./06.12.2018
Location: Essen

Rico Stein

Odour reduction by UV-oxidation – insights gained from different areas of application

Colloquium on the best available reference documents (BREFs) – Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology

Date: 28.11.2018
Location: Dresden

Andreas Lackner

Determination and evaluation of vibration immission during construction and operation of industrial plants

Training for immission control officers

Date: 27. - 29.11.2018
Location: Höhr-Grenzhausen

Dr. Jörg Siebert

Immissions and immission parameters within the framework of immission-side assessments

Practical Implementation of TA Luft - Basic Seminar

Date: 20.11.2018
Location: Duisburg

Dr. Jörg Siebert

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) – Protected Resources Approach

The Environmental Impact Assessment Act (UVPG) in practice

Date: 14./15.11.2018
Location: Duisburg

Gunter Engel

An acoustic upgrade for the Sydney Opera House

30th Tonmeistertagung, Congress Centre Cologne

Date: 14. - 17.11.2018
Location: Cologne

Alex Sievi

Importance of structure-borne noise in rail vehicle construction

5th Symposium on Railway Acoustics

Date: 12./13.11.2018
Location: Munich

Mirco Ebersold

Noise control in CHP plants

Workshop „Technical integration of CHP units – hydraulic units, power supply and exhaust gas systems

Date: 08.11.2018
Location: Dresden

Alexander Schröter

Sustainable climate control systems for archive and museum buildings

"The green museum"

Date: 30.10.2018
Location: Düsseldorf

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