Beate Altreuther

Low noise pavements in Germany: established concepts and new ideas

Polish-German Structured Conference on Acoustics

Date: 11. - 12.09.2018
Location: Ustka, Poland

Gunter Engel

Acoustic enhancement for orchestra players

Polish-German Structured Conference on Acoustics

Date: 11. - 14.09.2018
Location: Ustka, Poland

Jochen Kolenda

Emission measurements at stationary sources taking into consideration the requirements of DIN EN 15259

Emission measurement technique in incineration plants - VDI Wissensforum GmbH

Date: 10./11.09.2018
Location: Düsseldorf

Dr. Jörg Siebert

Immissions and immission parameters within the scope of the immission assessment

Practical implementation of the TA Luft – Basic Seminar

Date: 04./05.07.2018
Location: Duisburg

Christian Peitzmeier

Working positions with Müller-BBM

Reports on professional experience

Date: 03.07.2018
Location: Münster

Walter Grotz

Odour immissions – planned integration of the GIRL into the amendment of the TA Luft

10th Bavarian Immission Control Days

Date: 20./21.06.2018
Location: Augsburg

Otto Martner

Application of OTPA method in EV for just-noticeable tone differences in the interior noise

10th International Styrian Noise, Vibration and harshness Congress (ISNVH)

Date: 20. - 22.06.2018  
Location: Graz

Otto Martner, Ingmar Pascher, Carsten Zerbs

Dynamic stiffness of mounting elements up to 4 kHz

10th Symposium on Motor and Aggregate Acoustics

Date: 13./14.06.2018
Location: Magdeburg

Manuel Männel

Technological and market orientated development of measuring systems

Euronoise 2018

Date: 27. - 31.05.2018
Location: Heraklion, Kreta

Marcus Blome

Influence of room acoustics on the sound of an instrument – from the concert hall to the perfect room for the presentation of a new violin

8th International Competition of Violin Making 2018 from 18th May to 3rd June 2018

Date of the lecture: 24th May 2018
Location: Mittenwald

Jörg Siebert

Air quality forecast according to TA Luft

Basic knowledge on immission control legislation

Date: 16.05.2018
Location: Duisburg

Walter Grotz

Specimen immission forecast (asbestos) for DK I-landfill sites

8th Practice Conference on Landfills 2018

Date: 03.05.2018
Location: Hannover

Jochen Kolenda

Measurement of stationary source emissions according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 15259

Emission measurement technology in incineration plants

Date: 02./03.05.2018
Location: Munich

Dr. Johannes Guggenberger

Indirect determination of dynamic forces for vibration analysis

6th VDI conference on structural dynamics 2018

Date: 17./18.04.2018
Location: Würzburg

Mirco Ebersold

Noise control at CHP plants

Technical integration of CHP plants

Date: 12.04.2018
Location: Dresden

Andreas Gömmel

Vibration Problems of Machining Centres when Mounting Storey Ceilings

VDI Expert Conference on Vibrations in Machine Tools and Processing Machine

Date: 21./22.03.2018
Location: Munich

Elmar Schröder und Eva Wassermann

Comparison of measurement and simulation results in offices for more than one person

DAGA 2018

Date: 19. - 22.03.2018
Location: Munich

Stefan Schubert

Determination of protrusion lengths for noise barriers and low-noise road surfaces

DAGA 2018

Date: 19. - 22. März 2018
Location: Munich

Maximilian Ertsey

Technology-oriented and market-oriented development of measuring systems

DAGA 2018

Date: 19. - 22. März 2018
Location: Munich

Dr. Andreas Meier

[Translate to English:] Perspektive für den Schallschutz im Holzbau in DIN 4109

DAGA 2018

Date: 19. - 22.03.2018
Location: Munich

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