Vehicle acoustics - anechoic room

At vehicles many mechanical and electrical components contribute to the impression of the overall noise. Therefore several acoustic tests have to be carried out during the development.

Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH has a semi-anechoic chamber at the site in Planegg where measurements with vehicles can be carried out. Due to the absorption material of the fixtures and the constructive separation of the measurement room the measurements can be carried out without influence of background noise. The air can be conditioned by multi stages. The exhaust gases were exhausted.

Variable measurement systems are provided for all kind of noise and vibration measurements and can be configured for each concrete task.


  • interior dimensions: 8 m x 7 m x 3 m
  • door opening: H = 2.6 m, W = 4.0 m
  • air condition: up to 7500 m3/h
  • back ground noise: < 20 dB(A)

Measurement technique and analysing systems

  • PAK®-multichannel measurement system
  • Active Sound Design-System (ASD)
  • Systems for structure-dynamic- and Modalanalysis (divers Shakers, impulse excitation, software)
  • System for Intensity-measurement

Scope/Field/Range of application

  • Noise and vibration-measurements with vehicles with and without running engine
  • Detailed analysis with the overall vehicle and its components and electric aggregates
  • Measurements of the admittance and Modal- Analysis
  • Intensity-Analysis and sound power level measurements
  • design and innovation of product related noise, Sound Design

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