Noise control, vibration reduction and operational safety for your equipment

Technical acoustics and vibration technology represents the examination of the physical generation of sound and vibrations in technical equipment, the propagation of sound and vibration in gaseous, fluid or solid media, and how these affect the recipient. The need for noise reduction primarily arises from target or threshold values for the affects of noise on people, while a reduction in vibrations associated with maintaining standards of comfort usually aim to avoid vibratory damage or material fatigue at the source of vibration as well.

In times of globally distributed component manufacturing, internationally networked production systems and ever growing cost pressure, the theme of "stability and durability" of technical systems is becoming increasingly important. As one of the leading companies for the analysis of acoustic and vibrational phenomena, Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH accompanies you in this sector with competent measurements and decades of experience. Our services range from multi-channel vibration analysis with sound, acceleration, strain, displacement and temperature sensors (partly with telemetry) to studies with numerical simulations, taking, for example, current damage accumulation hypotheses into account. The result is a comprehensive overview of the use of buildings, machinery and equipment in operation, as well as recommendations for appropriate improvements.

As long as access to the source is available, Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH tests the possibilities for modifying or adapting processes in all projects to prevent any undesired noise or vibration pollution from arising in the first place – such primary mitigation measures are in fact the most efficient. When this is not possible, we define all kinds of secondary measures, e.g. elastic bearings, silencers, sound insulation, enclosures and screening systems that reduce noise or vibration along their propagation path.

Noise levels that potentially damage hearing at workstations are not always avoidable, although all options for noise protection have been implemented. In these cases, we support our customers by mapping and identifying noise areas and selecting the ideal hearing protection for staff that is affected.

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