Support for shaping your structural and procedural organisation in an efficient and legally compliant manner

Minimising risks

Efficient in-house operating procedures are the basis of corporate success. Thanks to a tailor-made management system, matters relating to quality assurance, environmental protection as well as occupational and plant safety can be managed with the appropriate time and effort.

Based on our many years of experience, our experts will support you with

  • the analysis, design and introduction of management systems (EMAS, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 9001, OHSAS and IMS) including a system of environmental indicators and the monitoring of legal requirements;
  • the legally compliant transfer of entrepreneur and operator duties in the business;
  • the optimisation of outsourcing to external companies in safety-related spheres;
  • the elaboration and introduction of emergency protection concepts and operational alarm and hazard control plans;
  • the provision of coordinators and external business representatives (e.g. environmental management, environmental protection, hazardous materials, waste, fire protection);
  • the creation of important documents for the legally compliant operational organisation:

    • the system of manuals (e.g. organisational, operational, safety and instruction manuals);
    • function and job descriptions;
    • operational, procedural and work instructions;
    • land registry and registers (e.g. waste, water protection, hazardous materials), waste assessments, waste management concepts, as well as risk assessments;

  • performing internal audits, analyses of weaknesses in the business and compliance audits;
  • the implementation of training sessions/workshops on specific issues (e.g. management of external companies, operator responsibility, hazardous materials etc.).

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