Company history


Lothar Cremer obtains a business license in Munich to operate a consulting engineering office for acoustics technology.


Lothar Cremer is appointed director of the university Institute of Technical Acoustics in Berlin, and his student Helmut A. Müller takes over the operation of the “Schalltechnische Laboratorium Prof. Dr. Cremer”.


Helmut A. Müller continues the operation of the Munich office under his own name. New areas of activity – industrial noise abatement, noise control in urban structures, and noise control in ship structures – are added to the original major areas of specialisation, which were building and room acoustics.


Müller-BBN GmbH is founded with five partners, including Bolt Beranek Newman Inc.


"Bolt Beranek Newman Inc." sells its interest in the company. The company name is changed to "Müller-BBM GmbH".

The company acquires shares in "M+P raadgevende ingenieurs bv" in the Netherlands.


The company has 54 employees and moves into a new office building in Planegg, near Munich.


The company has 74 employees. The fields of air quality control and thermal physics of buildings are built up.


Completion of the office buildung section 4 in Planegg.


Dresden office opened.


Müller-BBM at times produces and markets some of the results and inventions that have come out of our consulting activities.

BBM Technik GmbH was founded and in 2005 was merged with the BBM GERB Akustik GmbH to form “BBM Akustik Technologie GmbH”.


The company has 135 employees. The Berlin branch is opened.


Offices are opened in Langebrück, near Dresden.


“Müller-BBM VibroAkustikSysteme GmbH” is founded in order to handle the large growth in the area of measurement software.


Completion of the office buildung section 5 in Planegg.


Gelsenkirchen branch office opened.


Müller-BBM acquires a majority holding (increased to 100% in 2004) in the “Orga Lab GmbH” in Zirndorf near Fürth, in order to round out the service offerings in the environmental analysis area.


Hamburg and Cologne branch office opened.

Founding of the “Müller-BBM International GmbH”.


Office relocation from Cologne to Kerpen.

Branch offices opened in Frankfurt and Reutlingen.


Founding of the Müller-BBM Projektmanagement GmbH with offices in Planegg/Munich.

Nuremberg branch office opened.


Weimar branch office opened.

Founding of the Müller-BBM Austria GmbH with office in Bad Ischl, Austria.

New branch office in Karlsruhe.

Completion of the office buildung section 6 in Planegg.


Acquisition of a majority interest in “mas münster analytical solutions GmbH”, a dioxin analysis laboratory in Münster.

Acquisition of consulting engineering company “BFB Büro für Baudynamik GmbH” in Stuttgart.

Formation of consulting engineering company “Müller-BBM Schweiz AG” in Basel.


Merger of Orga Lab GmbH with Müller-BBM GmbH.

A new laboratory for environmental analytics is opened at Planegg.

Merger of "BFB Büro für Baudynamik GmbH" in Stuttgart with Müller-BBM GmbH. The new Branch Office is called "Niederlassung BFB Stuttgart".


Acquisition of a majority interest in Hytra-BBM AG, Basel, (Switzerland).) by Müller-BBM Schweiz AG.

Acquisition of a majority interest of Müller-BBM Austria GmbH in Tomberger-BBM GmbH, Graz, (Austria).

Acquisition of SDI-Gesellschaft für Medientechnologie GmbH, Planegg.

50 year anniversary of Müller-BBM under the slogan  „Experience – Competence – Innovation". 


Merger of Hytra-BBM with Müller-BBM Schweiz AG.

Merger of SDI-Gesellschaft für Medientechnologie GmbH with Müller-BBM GmbH.


Acquisition of the company Isconlab Gesellschaft für Umweltanalytik mbH in Heidelberg, the leading specialist laboratory for analytics of nitrosamines, integration of the laboratory into the company site at Planegg.


Merger of Isconlab Gesellschaft für Umweltanalytik mbH with Müller-BBM GmbH.

Founding of Müller-BBM Acoustic Solutions GmbH as premium manufacturer for an electronic room enhancement system for assisted reverberation (Vivace).

Relocation of the Berlin Branch Office to Müller-BBM's new building.

On 2015-09-15 our company founder Prof. Helmut A. Müller died at the age of 85.


The company has 376 employees.

Founding of Müller-BBM Rail Technologies GmbH as a supplier of measuring and monitoring systems as well as software tools for the railroad sector.


Expansion of the Cologne branch. Relocation to a larger administration building.

Relocation of the Gelsenkirchen branch to the newly constructed building at Fritz-Schupp-Str. 4.

The company employs over 400 people.


The unanimous decision of the Planegg municipal council bestows a special honor on the company's founder. The address of the Müller-BBM Group will in future be Helmut-A.-Müller-Straße 1 - 5 instead of Robert-Koch-Straße 11 - 13.

On 2021-05-07 our company founder Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Schreiber died at the age of 93.

The company employs over 450 people.


The company celebrates its foundation 60 years ago.

Müller-BBM GmbH is renamed Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH and Müller-BBM Building Solutions GmbH is spun off.

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