Pipe test bench

The insertion loss of pipe sheathing can be tested under laboratory conditions according to ISO 15665 in the Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH`s pipe test bench.

The tests are carried out under constant boundary conditions using the substitution process, i.e. with/without pipe sheathing.
The main reasons for such tests is the planning certainty for acoustic dimensioning of industrial facilities as well as financial optimisation. More and more technical specifications are also expected in product advertising.

Insertion loss is dependent on the pipe diameter, among other things. This is why the diameters DN100 - DN600 - DN300 are installed in our test bench based on the division into three classes according to ISO 15665.

Measurements in the pipe test bench are done using the reverberation chamber method according to DIN 3741. Alternatively, sound measurements can be made using the intensity measuring method according to DIN ISO 9614-2.

Insertion losses of pipe sizes up to DN1000 can then be extrapolated in accordance with ISO 15665. With the pipe test bench, both cold-and heat insulation, sound insulation, as well as combinations of pipe sheathing can be tested.

Diagram of the piping test bench

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