Elaboration of interdisciplinary expert reports for the licensing of large-scale industrial projects and infrastructure projects

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) as specified in UVPG1 and BauGB2

Our services include:

  • Screening for determining the SEA obligations
  • Scoping documents
  • Proposed solutions for avoidance/minimisation of environmental impact
  • Implementation of technical environmental assessment steps
  • Environmental reports
  • Initiation, implementation and technical accompaniment of specialist assessments
  • Coordination with the competent authorities

For implementation of the European Directive on the assessment of environmental impact of specific plans and programmes (SEA Directive, SEA = Strategic Environmental Assessment), the UVPG, BauGB and ROG were expanded so that from now on, the SEA supplements the EIA (environmental impact assessment) project at early planning levels, e.g. a regional plan or urban land-use planning.

Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH supports the project manager during implementation of the SEA requirements and accompany the environmental assessment process for a project involving regional and land-use planning or any other technical planning operations.

The extent and degrees of detail of the information to be included in the environmental report are defined on the basis of preliminary screening studies and area compatibility studies that we draw up as a decision-making aid in this process. As part of the environmental report, we ascertain, describe and evaluate significant environmental impacts as a result of implementation of the plan concerned.

The frameworking character of higher-level planning as well as the position in the planning hierarchy needs to be taken into account. Detailed presentations on project structure in terms of area and environmental compatibility is reserved for subsequent planning stages.

1 Environmental Impact Assessment Act
2 Building Code

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