SPERoN - Prediction model for tyre/road noise

SPERoN® - Rolling noise prediction model

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SPERoN® is a tyre/road noise prediction modelling framework developed by a consortium consisting of M+P , Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH and Chalmers University, Division of Applied Acoustics. SPERoN® is an acronym for Statistical Physical Explanation of Rolling Noise.

The purpose of the framework is to predict the influence of road properties on tyre/road noise.

SPERoN® model

SPERoN® is a hybrid modelling framework, consisting of physical parts, e.g. for the prediction of the tyre/road contact forces, and of statistical parts such as a series of multivariate linear regression models to predict the noise spectrum resulting from tyre vibrations, airflow-related mechanisms, tyre friction, tyre cavity noise and aero­dynamic vehicle noise.

Based on the very first modelling steps made in the framework of the "Sperenberg-Projekt" funded by the German Highway Research Institute (BASt), the model has been considerably extended and improved within the EU 6th Framework programs SILENCE and ITARI as well as in the Dutch IPG program.

Prediction of tyre/road noise

Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH and M+P have a deep and wide knowledge of tyre/road noise, specialized in road pavements. We can perform tyre/road model calculations for you, by means of the SPERoN® model, other calculations models and our measurement databases. If you have specific research questions regarding tyre/road noise, road surface optimization, or similar subjects, we would be happy to provide our research and consultancy services to you.


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