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Your emission declarations

§ 27 of the Federal Emissions Control Act (Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz (BImSchG )) sets out the requirements for the submission of an emission declaration, as stipulated in the 11th BImSchV (Federal Emission Control Ordinance). Regular submission of an emission declaration is mandatory for operators of plants that are subject to licensing according to the Federal Emission Control Act. You can benefit from our expertise for the correct and complete preparation of the emission declaration. This way, you avoid expensive and time-consuming conflicts with authorities, for incomplete or incorrect emission declarations, which are treated as an administrative offence, and punished with the imposition of fines.

The reporting period for emission declaration is every four years. Among other things, the declaration contains information about the number and type of emission sources, the emission-relevant operating processes and the throughput of substances. The focus of the declaration is the data concerning emissions into the atmosphere that were produced during the reporting period. Emissions not only include those that are actively produced by the plant, but also those that are passive (such as e.g., fuel tank breathing) or diffuse emissions, for instance dust carried from waste dumps or traffic routes, or during the transfer of raw materials and additives.

We provide you with support services for determining emission levels through measurement, calculation, or comparison with the results of similar plants, which are then correctly recorded in the emission declaration. If certain emission limits are exceeded, a more extensive emissions report must be prepared with the emission declaration. You can rely on our extensive know-how for this task as well.

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