Müller-BBM is a successful company - not least because of our experts' deep experience of many years and their knowledge. Being perfectly acquainted with the state of the art they regularly update their knowledge by attending fairs, conventions and symposia where they hold lectures on current projects and the latest developments. Please read the following information on upcoming events.

Alex Sievi

Importance of structure-borne noise in rail vehicle construction

5th Symposium on Railway Acoustics

Date: 12./13.11.2018
Location: Munich

Gunter Engel

An acoustic upgrade for the Sydney Opera House

30th Tonmeistertagung, Congress Centre Cologne

Date: 14. - 17.11.2018
Location: Cologne

Dr. Jörg Siebert

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) – Protected Resources Approach

The Environmental Impact Assessment Act (UVPG) in practice

Date: 14./15.11.2018
Location: Duisburg

Dr. Jörg Siebert

Immissions and immission parameters within the framework of immission-side assessments

Practical Implementation of TA Luft - Basic Seminar

Date: 20.11.2018
Location: Duisburg

Axel Rühling

Diffuse dust emissions due to abrasion/agitation: VDI 3782 Part 7 and VDI 3790 Part 4

Emission modelling as a basis for Clean Air Plans in city centres - New guideline VDI 3782 Part 7

Date: 27.11.2018
Location: Düsseldorf

Andreas Lackner

Determination and evaluation of vibration immission during construction and operation of industrial plants

Training for immission control officers

Date: 27. - 29.11.2018
Location: Höhr-Grenzhausen

Rico Stein

Odour reduction by UV-oxidation – insights gained from different areas of application

Colloquium on the best available reference documents (BREFs) – Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology

Date: 28.11.2018
Location: Dresden

Boris Zimmermann

Odour reduction by UV-oxidation – findings from various application domains (wastewater management, food industrie and others)

Determination and evaluation of odours - LANUV North Rhine-Westphalia

Date: 05./06.12.2018
Location: Essen

Thorsten Otto

Noise control by noise-reducing road surfaces – planning, support, quality management, monitoring

1st Colloquium “Road Construction In Practice”

Date: 29./30.01.2019  
Location: Esslingen/Ostfildern

Oliver Bornträger

Explosion control in incineration plants

16th Potsdam Symposium on the optimization of thermal waste and residual materials treatment

Date: 21./22.02.2019
Location: Potsdam

Andreas Gömmel

Installation of machining centres in existing buildings, aspects of building dynamics

4th VDI Conference on "Vibrations in Machine Tools"

Date: 26. - 27.03.2019
Location: Stuttgart

Walter Grotz

Odour emissions and immissions in the paper industry - legal framework and current findings

2nd PMV Conference "Paper and Environment

Date: 9./10.04.2019
Location: Darmstadt

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