Müller-BBM is a successful company - not least because of our experts' deep experience of many years and their knowledge. Being perfectly acquainted with the state of the art they regularly update their knowledge by attending fairs, conventions and symposia where they hold lectures on current projects and the latest developments. Please read the following information on upcoming events.

Beate Altreuther

Measurement technology of tyre road noise

Research Colloquium Concrete Road Construction 2019

Date: 13. - 15.02.2019
Location: Stuttgart

Oliver Bornträger

Explosion control in incineration plants

16th Potsdam Symposium on the optimization of thermal waste and residual materials treatment

Date: 21./22.02.2019
Location: Potsdam

Dr. Andreas Meier

Noise protection against external noise for timber construction - Planning principles for practical use

Forum Holzbau, 5th Building Physics & Building Engineering Conference (BGT 2019)

Date: 12./13.03.2019
Location: Bad-Wörishofen

Andreas Gömmel

Installation of machining centres in existing buildings, aspects of building dynamics

4th VDI Conference on "Vibrations in Machine Tools"

Date: 26. - 27.03.2019
Location: Stuttgart

Walter Grotz

Odour emissions and immissions in the paper industry - legal framework and current findings

2nd PMV Conference "Paper and Environment

Date: 9./10.04.2019
Location: Darmstadt

Henning Beuck

Validation of emission approaches for diffuse dust emissions according to VDI 3790 using immission measurements

Diffuse emissions 2019

Date: 14./15.05.2019
Location: Düsseldorf

Dr. Andreas Meier

Building acoustics - from theory to product development to the completed building

Building physics conference in Weimar 2019

Date: 25./26.09.2019
Location: Weimar

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