Our test facilities and measuring systems are an essential foundation for our successful participation in research projects

Initial Training Networks (ITN) Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions

Within Marie Curie Actions, the European Union is funding Initial Training Networks (ITN) which offer early stage researchers the opportunity to work on innovative projects in multinational, interdisciplinary teams and thus to improve their research skills and enhance their career prospects.

Some of the projects offer the possiblity of obtaining a PhD. An ITN is formed by at least three participants; they can be universities, research centers or companies. Müller-BBM is or was involved in the following ITN project.

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Initial Training Networks (ITN) Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions


Virtual Reality Audio for Cyber Environments

The VRACE (Virtual Reality Audio for Cyber Environments) deals with analysis, modelling and reconstruction of dynamic 3-dimensional soundscapes for applications in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The ESRs participate in a PhD program and receive an international PhD training for excellence organized by 9 cooperating Universities and their industrial partners. Müller-BBM works on Research Package 2 of the VRACE project – Advanced room acoustic Modelling methods. Otavio Gomes is our Early-Stage-Researcher for this project, his research evaluates the connection between architectural design and listening experience of audience and musicians in concert halls and opera houses. The findings shall be applied to faster and more realistic room acoustic  modelling methods as well as to the optimization of architectural acoustical planning processes.

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FlowAirS: Silent Air Flows in Transport, Buildings and Power Generation

Sonorus - Initial Trianing Network "Urban Sound Planner"

Basic Acoustics Training - & Workprogram on Methodologies for Acoustics - Network

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