Consulting services for the introduction of a new management software for the organization of occupational safety and health

Occupational safety becomes digital

Digital applications have long since become part of the success drivers in companies – also in the fields of occupational safety and health. In the company Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH, the responsible persons have implemented this complex field of activities in the form of a cloud-based application.

The use of digital solutions seems appropriate, in particular to achieve an increase in efficiency.


Efficient working processes are not self-evident

For ten years now, the company Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH has been operating a certified occupational health and safety system. In 2018, the occupational health and safety management system was assessed by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association (VBG) according to the standard “AMS – Arbeitsschutz mit System” (systematic occupational safety). The aim of the AMS standard is to support the responsible persons to use the company’s resources (human, social, material and spatial resources) in the best possible way and to continually improve them. Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH thus also meets the requirements of DIN ISO 45001 and is certified accordingly. 

However, an existing system and the successful assessment by VBG alone do not guarantee efficient working processes. In particular a decentralized document management system often turns out to be counterproductive with regard to efficiency. For example, the verfication documentation for instructions, trainings and preventive medical check-ups as well as the extensive administration of more than 1,500 hazardous substances at three laboratory sites have proven to be a recurring challenge.

If the responsible persons need more time for the search and administration of documents than for the task itself, something’s wrong. Therefore, the target has been to streamline and simplify the processes.


Digitization is cross-sectoral

The use of software solutions in the field of occupational health and safety has one major objective: the cross-sectoral organization of all necessary tasks and requirements. This may include, for example, data recording and evaluation as well as the central documentation, which is in particular helpful for executive staff and project managers. But also for the employees there is a large number of possible applications, for example the electronic recording of first-aid book entries or digital instructions.

Making the working world safer, simpler and more effective.


Required effort and planning of the implementation

When the decision for the use of a software for occupational safety has been made, the project requirements have to be clearly formulated. This also includes an extensive budget planning. Apart from the external costs, internal ressources have to be provided e.g. for the migration of existing data, the development of an own occupational safety structure in the system and the preparation of instructions in electronic form. Besides, it is advisable to assign corresponding time frames to the available possibilities and required capacities.

A precise preliminary planning and realistic goals lead to the best results.


Acceptance among the workforce

In any case, a gradual implementation is to be aimed at. Different software modules should be installed step by step and with a time shift. In this way, all employees can get used to the new work steps beside their routine tasks. In addition, partial objectives in project planning can be evaluated and measures for an adjustment can be taken, if required. The feedback of the employees and executive staff as well as of the managing directors is always helpful. With a gradual optimization of all processes in the system, the acceptance of the new software solutions by the employees can be increased.

If compatible software worlds are combined individually, you will profit the most from synergy effects and can optimize your compliance management.


What the future holds

It is decisive that the management admits and supports the digital transformation in the company. The requirements may be high at first. However, the subsequent learning curve is higher.

Thus, the essential advice can only be not to wait but to start to deal with it already now.

Our consulting services on questions concerning the introduction of a management software to organize occupational safety and health:

  • How do you comply with the applicable legal standards and regulations by an access to current legal databases?
  • How do you instruct and train your employees and how do you organize instructions for external companies?
  • How do you manage your employees‘ need for qualification and how do you manage the workplace requirements?
  • How do you organize all preventive medical check-ups with clear deadline monitoring and appointment management?
  • How do you make hazard assessments and how do you organize your risk management?
  • How do you organize your hazardous substances management and how do you monitor deadlines and tasks?

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