Consultants for approval procedures, urban development planning, official licensing procedures or regional planning procedures

Approval certificates

Air pollutants, noise, vibrations, odours, light emissions, and electromagnetic waves often play a central role in the approval process – Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH offers you a wide range of services in this regard. Our engineers, chemists, geologists, meteorologists, physicists and environmental scientists work as an inter-disciplinary and close-knit team. In the process, not only do we carry out measurements and tests, we also provide you with targeted advice on technical changes for fulfilling the relevant criteria for approval. The advantages are legal certainty in all project phases and later, in the plant operation phase.

We support you during each of the project phases for approval and construction, as well as during the operational phase, with a comprehensive offer of services. We also put together interdisciplinary, modular service packages to suit your requirements. This way, you receive the exact support you require – with cost that can be precisely calculated and the certainty that all the legal parameters have been complied with.

We prepare approval-related expert reports in the following areas:

  • Emission forecasts for air pollutants and odours, noises and vibrations
  • Expert reports on stack height
  • Expert opinions on bioaerosoles (germs / microorganisms like bacteria and fungi)
  • Accident analyses and safety related expert reports
  • Fire and explosion protection
  • Acoustic remediation and detail planning
  • Studies on electromagnetic environmental compatibility
  • Evaluation of light emissions
  • Nature conservation related expert reports (special species protection test, FFH-compliance)
  • Environmental compatibility studies, EIA (environmental impact assessment) preliminary tests, environmental report, SEA (strategic environmental Assessment).

With 12 locations in Germany, we ensure geographical proximity to our customers and the project sites.

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