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Müller-BBM‘s m|wheel nominated for MessTec Sensor Masters Award 2010 (06/18/2013)

Müller-BBM subsidiary Orga Lab celebrates its 20th anniversary (06/18/2013)

Müller-BBM takes over engineering company BFB Büro für Baudynamik in Stuttgart (06/18/2013)

Müller-BBM helps prima donna among Italian opera houses to get a new sound (06/18/2013)

New Managing Director at Müller-BBM GmbH (06/18/2013)

Federal Environment Ministry appoints environmental verifier of Müller BBM to German EMAS Advisory Board (06/18/2013)

In 2011, Müller-BBM can again congratulate several employees on their 20th, 25th and 30th company anniversary (06/18/2013)

Müller-BBM strengthens its presence in the region of Stuttgart (06/18/2013)

Brilliant new sound in the Bolshoi Theatre – thanks to Müller-BBM (06/18/2013)

Workshop on railway acoustics - infrastructure, vehicles, operation (06/18/2013)

With a metal mesh and resonant floor (06/18/2013)

Müller-BBM celebrates its 50th company anniversary with Minister of State Martin Zeil (06/18/2013)

Cut energy costs and benefit from tax advantages (06/18/2013)

Heidelberg Theatre: Variable acoustics and comprehensive media technology for varied events (06/18/2013)

A new concert hall for L’Aquila: a symbol for the new start of the city after the earthquake (06/18/2013)

The Mariinsky Acoustics (06/18/2013)

Team of experts reinforced (06/01/2013)

50 Jahre Müller-BBM Tag der offenen Tür (07/01/2012)

Veranstaltungsvorschau 2018 – Seminare, Workshops und Tagungen in den Bereichen Akustik und Immissionsschutz ()

Das Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC) Im neuen Maison du Livre überzeugt anspruchsvolle Akustik in futuristischem Design ()

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