Further AwSV experts appointed

In October 2023, two new AwSV experts were appointed at Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH and the inspection areas of an existing expert were fully expanded. The new AwSV experts were appointed after the successful completion of an oral, practical and written examination under the supervision of an employee of the Bavarian State Office for the Environment. The examination commission of the expert organisation (SVO) consisted of Dr. Markus Graf-Rosenfellner, Dr. Olaf Treusch and Gerwin Gold.

We congratulate Jochen Zickermann (Nuremberg branch) on the extension of the announcement and our colleagues Dr. Philipp Anger (Planegg head office) and Dr. Johannes Haas (Berlin branch) on passing the examination and on their first appointment.

Field of application of an AwSV expert: The operator of an installation in which substances hazardous to water are handled shall regularly check the leak tightness of the installation and the functionality of the safety devices within the scope of self-monitoring. In case of installations subject to mandatory inspection, self-monitoring must be supplemented by external monitoring by an expert in accordance with § 2 Paragraph 33 AwSV. The inspection order must be issued by the plant operator to an expert or an expert organisation (SVO) in due time.

Satisfied faces among the members of the examination commission and the new AwSV experts.

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