„Immission control is of great importance; it serves above all to protect people's health, but also to protect our living environment.“

Andrea Wellhöfer, Senior Building Director and Head of the Air, Noise and Plant Safety Department at the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) in Augsburg, opened the Müller-BBM expert discussions on 20th/21st March 2024 in Munich.

In addition to emphasising the importance of immission control, Andrea Wellhöfer used her words of welcome to draw attention to current issues such as the measurement of ultrafine particles (UFP) and the adjustments and effects of the Industrial Emissions Directive. The hope for a reduction in bureaucracy also became clear at the end of her speech: “Digitalisation offers the opportunity to simplify many processes and thus reduce bureaucracy. However, we also need to be vigilant and take countermeasures if digitalisation has the opposite effect, i.e. if processes become even more extensive or complicated.”

Almost 100 participants from municipalities, plant operators, authorities and consulting companies took advantage of the two-day symposium to engage in an intensive professional exchange on the current status of immission control in planning and approval practice. As always, the conference was moderated by Walter Grotz and Joachim Bittner, managing directors of Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH.

The 20th Müller-BBM expert discussions will be held on 27th/28th November 2024 in Berlin. Registration for participation is already possible. The stakeholders of immission control 2025 will meet again in Munich on 19th/20th March.

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The Müller-BBM expert discussions are the leading format for conferences in the field of immission control.

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