Automatic detection of noisy vehicles

In February 2023, Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH received an enquiry from Israel. The Ministry of Environment, together with the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, carried out a worlwide search for products that can automatically detect noise from vehicles - especially motorbikes. A very similar system has been developed by us over the last three years within the scope of the EU research project NEMO (Noise and Emissions Monitoring and Radical Mitigation). Therefore, the requirements were a perfect fit for our solution.

The installation of the measuring system in Israel was carried out without any problems and the demonstration was very positive, as expected. The system continuously measured all valid pass-bys and built up a solid database for the comparison of vehicle sounds. A wireless SIM router enabled us to remotely access the system with a mobile internet connection. Thus, we were able to show the latest measurement data at the meeting before the actual demonstration. For the demonstration itself, not only was the Minister of the Environment Idit Silman on site, but also a number of reporters and police officers who used motorbikes to generate vehicle noise of various kinds under controlled conditions. This included pass-bys with sirens, accelerated pass-bys and even "stationary" noise (without speed measurement) caused by engine roaring.

The results were then evaluated and presented to the hosts the following morning. The organisers were pleased and confident that Müller-BBM Industry Solutions’ measurement system for detecting noisy vehicles was a convincing and suitable solution for their requirements.

Traffic Noise Research

Measuring system with licence plate camera, microphone array and electronics box (right) and Minister of the Environment Idit Silman with with motorbike police (left).

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