Immission Control Conference 2021 for representatives of authorities, municipalities, plant operators and consultants in Munich

The year 2020 is overshadowed by the corona pandemic and has led to the cancellation of many renowned symposia. In the meantime, environmental legislation has evolved and 2021 will be another exciting year, perhaps even with an amended TA Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control).

Irrespective of a possible update of TA Luft or the implementation of requirements from the BAT conclusions, the requirements of TA Luft as well as those of TA Lärm and their interpretation repeatedly lead to complex and challenging questions in the renovation of existing plants or the approval of projects. Planners and responsible plant operators want to know what to look out for in current and future approval procedures. Within the scope of the 14th Müller-BBM expert discussions, top-class speakers from industry, administration and consulting will report on current examples from the fields of urban planning, air pollution control as well as major accidents law and EIA law and provide answers to many practical questions.

The conference will open on 24th March with the welcoming speech of Ministerialdirigentin Dr. Monika Kratzer, Head of Department for Climate Protection, Technical Environmental Protection and Recycling Management in the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection.

The opening lecture on 24th March will be held by Prof. Dr. Claudia Hornberg, Chairwoman of the German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU) in Berlin and holder of the Professorship for Environment and Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Bielefeld University.

Until 31st December 2020, you will receive an early bird discount of 20 % on your registration. Besides, representatives of public authorities can count on a discount of 20 %.

Secure your participation in the "14th Müller-BBM expert discussions" on 24th/25th March 2021 in the Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (Europasaal) in Munich, when representatives of authorities, municipalities, plant operators and consultants meet to exchange their experiences.

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Photo: Opening of the 14th Müller-BBM expert discussions by Ministerialdirigentin Dr. Monika Kratzer (left) and opening lecture by Prof. Dr. Claudia Hornberg (right).

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