Safety training for drivers of CPX measuring vehicles for the monitoring of noise-reducing road surfaces

With a CPX measuring system, the acoustic properties of a road surface can be effectively recorded in flowing traffic and over the entire track length.

The tyre/road noise is measured directly on site. Standardized measuring tyres and an acoustically optimized cover of the measuring system lead to a high repeatability.

With its network of branches, Müller-BBM can perform CPX measurements throughout Germany and has three fully equipped measuring systems.

In addition to their suitability and regular occupational health examinations, the drivers of these measuring vehicles also have to meet special requirements on their driving skills. Apart from complying with the traffic regulations, they have to be fully concentrated when driving the measuring vehicle on the road. Therefore, all drivers of measuring vehicles at Müller-BBM regularly take part in special driver safety trainings.

The Employer’s Liability Insurance Association VBG provides financial support in the form of vouchers, and the safety trainings are conducted by the German Association for the Prevention of Road Accidents Neuburg/Donau.

Training for the safe handling of the measuring vehicle also under the most difficult conditions with the support of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association VBG.

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