Workshop for the "Young Professionals" in emission measuring technology at Müller-BBM

The notified body of Müller-BBM GmbH according to section 29b of the Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchG) keeps growing. Requests from industry, commerce and public services for the determination of air pollution and odours as well as for functional tests and calibrations of automated measuring systems are steadily increasing.

At present, already 180 specialists are working in Müller-BBM’s business field "Environment", mainly engineers and technicians who are professionally supported by the team assistents. 

In order to continually enhance the knowledge of young colleagues and to keep know-how on a uniform level, the technically responsible person Frank Stöcklein and the coordinator in the field of environment Stephan Hempfling have invited juniors in emission measuring technology to take part in a two-day workshop at Müller-BBM’s head office in Planegg.

Seven different subjects, starting from the "accreditation" via "immission control legislation" and "laboratory analytics" up to "project management" and "test equipment management", were adapted to the special requirements of this responsible activity, complemented by internal know-how and a tour of the company for the employees from our subsidiaries. 

Of course, the two managing directors in the field of environment, Walter Grotz and Dr. Alexander Ropertz, also took the opportunity to make their own contribution to the workshop and hold a lecture.

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Knowledge transfer at Müller-BBM: targeted and in a relaxed atmosphere

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