Audio + video

Audio and video

Comparative product tests on audio and video devices are one of Müller-BBM's main spheres of activity.

For example, we test:

  • LCD, LED, OLED and plasma screen TVs, including portable devices
  • SAT receivers and set-top boxes for DVB-T and DVB-C
  • Video projectors
  • Portable and fixed audio players and recorders
  • Portable and fixed hard-disk, DVD, Blu-ray players and recorders
  • Surround-sound and stereo amplifiers
  • Surround-sound and stereo loudspeakers, shelf-mounted, free-standing and powered speakers
  • Home-cinema systems, mini and micro Hi-Fi systems, compact systems, docking stations for MP3 players and iPods
  • Headphones and ear buds, radio headphones, noise-cancelling headphones
  • Blank CDs, DVDs and BDs
  • Navigation systems, GPS receivers
  • Universal remote-control systems
  • Digital picture frames
  • Multimedia hard disks
  • Baby phones

We also carry out special acoustic investigations. These include individual hearing protection, children's toys (risk to hearing impairment) or MP3 players (maximum volume).

Müller-BBM has state-of-the-art measurement and test rooms, the associated measurement technology, and the necessary generators and simulators.

Set-up for the measurement of angle-dependent contrast in TVs

One of the core areas of the Müller-BBM test laboratories is the TV test area, where we test and assess up to forty sets at the same time. Professional video signal distribution for HDMI, RGB and HF signals ensure that all TV sets, regardless of where they are installed, receive the same high-grade video signal. Signal and video generators, e.g. for DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2, DVB-S/S2, DMB-T and ISDB-T, serve as the source. This way, the consistent signal quality guarantees that the same known test images and video sequences are input to all sets and evaluated.

For audio tests with loudspeakers, home-cinema systems or other audio devices, Müller-BBM has a special test area that was designed and equipped according to international standards.

Specially equipped control room for audio tests on loudspeakers and home theatre systems
Tumbling barrel test to assess the mechanical stability of small appliances

An anechoic chamber is available for acoustic measurements. It distinguishes itself by the extremely low background noise of approx. 0 dB(A), thus enabling the operational noises of very quiet devices to be evaluated. Because of the absorbent surfaces on the walls and ceiling (on the floor as well, if required), defined acoustic conditions prevail in this chamber, enabling repeatable loudspeaker measurements to be made.

Measurement of a loudspeaker in an anechoic chamber

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